Friday, February 27

Port of Brownsville Tour-Part 1

Friday we went to Brownsville very early to take a tour of the Port of Brownsville. While waiting for the trip to start we had interesting things to watch. These boats were part of the Texas State Patrol.

 The boat we were going on discovered they had lost fuel overnight by theft or evaporation and had to refuel before we could load. So we waited for their return.
 Butch enjoyed a conversation with one of the troopers.
The view of Sea Ranch as we left port.
 South Padre high rises in the background.
This is a bait boat. They are allowed to gather shrimp from the port channel but they are only used for bait.
 This fellow gets plenty of company from a variety of birds.

The Mission Lady bringing in a load of shrimp. One of the last pics we were allowed to take before entering the port proper.

Photos inside the actual port area are not allowed. I did sneak one because it was a  short lived sculpture.

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