Tuesday, February 24

Holed up

We are still in the grip of a cold spell. Lows have been in the high 30's last night and repeats tonight. Last night we blew a fuse and it dropped to the 50's in here and that is not a comfortable sleeping temp. Butch changed out the fuse and we resumed a cozy nap, at least for a while.
So my day was mostly spent indoors. I did have a student drop by for computer instruction and that was a pleasant diversion for an hour or so.
So it looks like we have at least one more day of these unpleasant temps. At least I am hoping so because we are supposed to be on a boat in the port of Brownsville on Thursday morning bright and early.
This time of the year and particularly this first week of March are very active in Magnolia Park so we have many events taking place.  I will do my best to keep up.

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