Monday, February 23


Our son Gary sent me an email. He says there has not been a new blog entry for a week. Oops! On the other hand my house is clean, the laundry is done, we enjoyed a home cooked meal for supper. And this all happened besides our usual activities with the exception of posting blog entries.

Gary thought perhaps we had been abducted in Mexico. We haven't been there but if we had it would be a possibility. Everyone says it isn't safe. We did get a tip that makes a lot of sense however. If you go across the bridge and there are no beggars it may not be safe. The beggars have an inside track on possible trouble. I did think that may be worthy of putting in the back of my mind. I refuse to lead a fear based life so I will rely on my instincts as to whether we go or no go. Actually we only plan one more trip before the end of the season here.

Our rent here is up in mid March and the current plan is to extend our stay. We are currently located about as far south as one can go in the good old USA and essentially it is most likely as warm here as anywhere. So the plan is to wait until the weather is warmer in the lower 48.
On the other hand it is warm in Alaska. Our polar caps are warming and melting, the true definition of global warming that some people find very hard to understand. Maybe they will when Iowa has seashores...but I digress.

We are currently experiencing a cold spell with temps in the low 40's expecting to dip into the 30's tonight. Irritating and troublesome but a fairly quick recovery is expected. So we celebrated Peggy G.'s birthday on Sunday with highs in the 80's. Trust me she is not wearing shorts today on the actual celebration day of her birth. Happy Birthday Peggy!

It is also Emily Brooker Davis's birthday. Emily is a new mom and most likely will not notice that I forgot to send her a greeting. At least I am counting on that. Would not mind seeing a picture of that sweet baby boy, Jorgen.

Don't give up on me. I may get wordy again at any time.

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