Thursday, November 6

Best I can do

The rain has abated and in looking at the radar map we should be done with it for awhile. It is still a bit damp around the edges. The windshield is still holding droplets so it has a ways to go. I have hopes for getting a walk in today. I did get out of my pj's yesterday but only because I was cold.
 I have made a few more bracelets. I get a bit pushed from different fans of them to get them in a shop in Jefferson so if I have some stockpiled I may get that done next Spring. I am back up to speed on them and if I stick with it I can get one done in two days of free time. The current one I am working on is red and black as that happens to be Jefferson's school colors. I could call these the Fall of 14 Collection because all of these have been completed since October 1st. There was another one but it was a special order and I forgot to get a picture of it because I wanted to get it to her before we left and I did. It was similar to the one second from the top.

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