Wednesday, November 5

Rainy Day in Texas

Hmmm a rainy day in Texas...not the first we have ever experienced and perhaps not the last. They need rain in this area (San Antonio) so for the most part no one is unhappy about it. Except us. We on the other hand have "enjoyed" an abundance of rain. In the last year it seems wherever we have been it rained. Last winter in the Rio Grande Valley it was cold and it rained. All summer in Iowa it was on the cool side and it rained. They are saying it will clear up and be nice by the weekend. I hope that is true.
So now instead of it being a choice to stay indoors, read, watch movies, nap and eat it is pretty much a necessity. In years past Mr. Antsypants would have been fit to be tied but he has become a bit more restrained in his senior years. Me too for that matter. In years past the weather would affect my mood quite a bit but I have learned to let go of irritants that one can do nothing about. I have even become good at it.
It is enjoyable to have a different view from my window; different trees(live oak and ashe juniper), different squirrels(smaller), different people, different plants etc.
I think I may have witnessed a drug transaction. Too soon to say positively but it would not be the first I have seen. Spotted one once in a Whataburger in the RGV, more than one in Iowa from an unemployed neighbor that moved suddenly in the night and now one in our present location from an unemployed neighbor who does not seem to be actively seeking employment. That is always a red flag. As Dr. Phil says, " If you do not have a job, your job should become finding a job." Not seeking a job usually means you are not concerned about your next meal and most likely you have a source of income you choose not to discuss. Usually if you ask one of these well fed members of society what they do for a living they will give a well thought out but very wishy washy answer. Now that I have been alerted to a possible drug RV I will pay a bit more attention to the visitors at that location. Purely for my own entertainment. They are safe from my prying eyes.

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