Tuesday, November 4

No TV day

No TV day
We have declared a 'no TV ' day at our house. We have had a long haul of political ads and today is the culmination of them. At least we can hope. Do they really believe that the last person making their way to the polls to vote is going to be influenced at the last possible minute by a tv ad. Of course they do! They think we are all stupid judging by the ads they subject us to for months ahead of the election.
If you base your choice on the ads and emails you receive then they are right and
the millions they spend on them are worth every penny.

We went to check out our favorite grocery store. H.E.B. Not only is it our favorite store here in Texas it is our favorite store anywhere. Their prices are low, their choices are many, their store brand is often better than the name brand, their employees are helpful and friendly and their aisles are crowded. That last one is the only sour grape.

We are enjoying our down time. We had a busy summer and we know it will be busy when we reach the park so this is our mid term break so to speak. We are reading, watching movies, making bracelets. walking and pretty much doing whatever strikes our fancy. Life is good!

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