Sunday, November 2

Sunday in the Park

Update on the dental issues. It is much better. Everything is nearly back to normal. 90% okay I would say. I had made an appointment with a semi-local dentist but will cancel it first thing in the morning and keep up with the oral hygiene plan currently being used. As an added note; when I received my dental implants 15 to 20 years ago I was told that the proper dental hygiene practice was imperative or I could lose my implant and even my lower jaw. Nothing like hearing that to keep a person on the straight and narrow. Dental care has been at the top of my list twice a day for all those years and will continue to be for the remainder of my life. Oh yes, when I heard from my dentist in Iowa he told me I was doing exactly what I should be doing. That was reassuring and as it has turned out, also correct.
Last nights park gathering was fun. I met some very nice people that I could become friends with if given the right time and enough time. There were some others too. Ones that are more interesting to watch than to listen to. (wink)
It was worth the time and effort to attend.
Today Butch and I went on a bit of an excursion. We both have missed getting enough exercise so we went to the Canyon lake dam and walked on the dam road. It is .8 mile from gate to gate so a total of 1.6 miles in all. Close enough to my usual Colleen walk to satisfy my need for exercise. The problem with the walking location is that it is about 8-10 miles from here. We do plan to make an exerted effort to get it done regardless.
Canyon Lake

The dam road-closes at sunset

The gate sentry's atop the poles.

After our walk we went to Starzville, a little town nearby and ate at the Startz restaurant. It is a landmark restaurant and also very much worth the time. Butch had the Country Breakfast-eggs, biscuits and sausage gravy. I had a Western Omelet. It came with a biscuit. The biscuits were  higher and flaky to a severe degree. If you stacked two ordinary biscuits on top of each other that is how tall one biscuit was.Wonderful biscuits! The entire meal was wonderful and we will go back again.

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