Sunday, October 19

Wednesday October 22nd departure

We have decided to leave on Wednesday because it is supposed to rain on Thursday. As good an excuse as any.
The weather has been wonderful this past month, best of the entire season. The winter prediction for this region is what they are calling equal. I am assuming that means either/or. In other words it could go either way.
The entire southern tier of states including Florida, Texas and Arizona is predicted to be wet. Oh yeah, we all three say in unison. There is usually what I call the winter lottery and one of the three winter areas has better weather than the other two. Last year Arizona was the big winner because they had the best weather they had had for nearly 30 years. Texas was the worst it had ever been in many peoples memories and Florida was moderate all the way around. Personally I hope they are wrong about the wet. They, being the weather predictors  have been wrong before and that is keeps me hopeful.

So with our departure date in mind we can work at getting ready today. And a reminder for all of the internet connection could be quite spotty for nearly a month so lower your expectations for posts on a regular basis.

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