Thursday, October 23

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Thursday, October 23, 2014
Yes, we had a wonderful nights sleep in Hesston KS, filled up at a Casey's and were on the road about 9:00 AM. Road construction through Wichita made things a bit dicey but we got through without incident. Oklahoma city went fairly smooth as well. The funny stuff happened south of Oklahoma City. We saw a homemade "armored vehicle" go by us. It was towing a small red pickup. A few miles further down the road we noticed something  strange with a line of traffic pulled over to the side. The funny looking armored vehicle was sideways in the roadway and we could tell it had swerved severely as it was facing to the north in the southbound lane and had lost much of its load from the red pickup. Actually the red pickup was nearly annihilated.  And then as we went further down the road, Butch said," What in the world is that in the road?" It was a chair and a TV. They were in the middle of the passing lane on I 35 southbound. Strange things are happening!
We decided to stay at the Winstar RV Park at Thackerville OK. It is right on the border actually, you take exit 1 either northbound or southbound and it is connected to the Windstar casino. Usually the casinos are quite accommodating to RVers but not here. It is $35 a night with a players card. $40 without. So this is most likely a one time occasion. We had tried to find our way to this campground in the past but always on the fly. This time we used the Google map feature on the smartphone. It is one of the most confusing routes to a casino we have ever tried to find. And there is no WIFI! Wouldn't you think they would have that?? Found out later they do have wifi. Have to jump through a few hoops to get it but is working great right now.
Tomorrows trip will take us to our destination in Walnut Canyon RV Park in Canyon Lake TX.
We have been listening to The Secret of MagicIn 1946, a young female attorney from New York City attempts the impossible: attaining justice for a black man in the Deep South. 
We thought our battery would trickle out before we arrived here but it didn't and now I can get it charged up for tomorrows leg.
Well Butch is ready to go to the casino. Hopefully I can get this posted soon.
PS: I took a $5 bill to the casino and came home without it after two hours of play. Not bad. Butch spent a bit more than that but the casino was successful in doing what casinos do-take your money!

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