Tuesday, October 21

On the road tomorrow

Been busy little beavers the past few days getting ready to go. It was so much simpler when we lived only in the motorhome. Then we only decided on a date. But now that we are property owners we have many more duties to take care of.

Keri has us set up with travel munchies, Mickey treated us to a Runza send off meal. All is grateful and all is good.
When I started out this morning I thought how in the world will I get all this stuff in the motorhome but lo and behold I did it with room to spare. I was shocked and amazed that it all fit.

We are taking a different route this year heading west to York NE then south to Canyon Lake TX. We should arrive sometime Friday. We usually keep the trips to 300-350 miles per day.

This year we also have a smartphone with good old Google to guide us. I have long used Google maps to plan our trips and then I would print out the sheets. But now I have smartphone help and better yet I have practiced with it and it has worked very well. I say, "Okay google, directions to .......city" Google maps comes up and shows where we are currently and how to get to the next city or town indicated.  We have made this trip several times. The only difference this time is the first day of travel. After that it will be somewhat familiar.

So this is my last night of for-sure Internet. From here to the Rio Grande Valley will be hit or miss for me so keep that in mind. I can continue to write but getting them from computer to cloud might be the tough part.

I have been so busy of late that much has happened the past few days. My friend Norma Cooklin came to Jefferson to visit us and see our tiny abode in person. She is getting along great with her new Chromebook.
She did however take a tumble about a week ago and broke her knee cap in two places. She was in such good physical shape before this happened that she is handling it better than you might expect. She does have daughter Vicki and her husband John helping care for her. She is required to keep her leg straight for 6 to 8 weeks but her spirits are good and she is minding the doctor. It was good to see her.

So till next you hear...see you soon!

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