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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Wednesday, October 22, 2014
Trip from Jefferson to Hesston KS. 425 miles. On the outer limits of a travel day. In the 350 range is much better. We had planned to stay in Concordia KS, 317 miles, at the city park for a donation but we could not find the park. We may plan to stay there another time but I will call the city and get better directions than is currently provided on . So we went another 100 miles or so to where we are now. We were both ready to stop.
We did see and had to deal with a cow on the road. Butch spotted it far enough ahead to avoid disaster.
So now we are settled into a Passport America park. Cottonwood Grove Campground, Hesston KS. We have been Passport America members for quite some time. Participating parks have half price rates and your membership dues are quickly reimbursed in a couple of stays. So this $30 a night park is costing us $15. We do not have Internet here but we knew that was a possibility. One of the bennies we do have is a Chinese restaurant about 50 feet from our door.  A VERY good Chinese restaurant named the Panda House. And we do have good TV coming from Wichita most likely. Another unit came in and parked beside us. They unloaded a family of 3 people and  3 llamas out of the toy hauler . They took the llamas a ways away and let them graze in a fenced-in area a short distance from the park. I'm thinking horses get their turn in that pasture on occasion. We are in horse country.
We are both looking forward to bed time and I doubt we will have any trouble getting a full and restful night of sleep.
We do have to apologize to our Snow Mountain Ranch friends Jerry and Diane Larson. In planning our trip it did not occur to us how close we were to your Kansas home. And by then all we could think of was stopping and resting. We were so tired we would not have been good company. I make these notes on the blog so I have ready info for another trip this way. This is a good way to go. Very trouble free in all ways. We usually go through Missouri to see our kids and this is the first time we have ventured off our tried and true path for a very long time. We felt it was time to get a bit out of our comfort zone. So perhaps when I review the blog for another trip this way, we can plan a bit better and see the Larson's.

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