Thursday, October 2

Touring Jefferson

  1. Belltower- May go up to the top anytime, contact the Chamber office Ph.515-386-2155
  2. Courthouse- If you go up in the Belltower first they will give you info about the courthouse or for a guided tour of the courthouse step into the engineers office and someone will assist you. The engineers office is located in the southwest area of the first floor.
  3. All Abilities Bikes-As the name implies they have bicycles for anyone regardless of physical conditions.
  4. Jefferson Gardens- A tribute to our namesake
  5. Sally’s Alley- Sally White from Churdan was a great nature photographer. Some of her pictures grace the boarded up windows of the Lincoln Hotel.
  6. RVP 1875-Woodworking done in same way as was done in 1875.
  7. Angies Tea Garden- A great place to eat and the gentlemen should not be intimidated by the name. The food is done with care and the amounts are hearty enough to fill most men. Excellent! Hours: Tue - Fri 11:00 am - 2:00 pm
  8. Greene Bean Coffee House- Well liked stopping place
  9. The Printers Box- located on the south side of the square and a great place to browse for unusual items.
  10. Ben Franklin- an old fashioned dime store and a great place to spend some time shopping.
  11. John:15 Vineyard- Not a winery but a vineyard and so much more. Like the treehouse and the golf course and the  
  12. Pleasant Hill Cemetery near Pleasant Hill Church and Squirrel Hollow Park.
  13. A & W root beer stand
  14. Dairy Queen
  15. The Hill Golf Course-Single annual membership $150
  16. 209 Main- Paton Iowa- a great place to eat with a fantastic entrepreneurial story.

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