Sunday, September 28

Piles up

Sometimes stuff just piles up. I think of all these neat things I can share as I go about my day and then it gets all clogged up in my head and it can be hard to sort it all out.
Sunday- Jerilynn and Pete, Jefferson friends stopped by for a visit. They will be wintering in Florida this year and were wanting a small computer to take in their RV. They spotted my chromebook on the table, asked a few questions about it and ordered one. More on this subject later.
Monday- Butch had a pre-op appointment for his colonoscopy (routine as it had been 11 years since he had the last one)
Tuesday-Cleaned up Colleens computer for her and did some organizing while she was gone. So when she returned we needed to go over a few things and show her what I had done so we spent the morning after our walk doing that.
Wednesday- 2 long distance computer "repairs" one from Canada and one from Michigan. Both were easy fixes.
Thursday- Computer class went well and we worked on moving files in Chrome, downloading and moving files. Spoke of the danger of third party downloads and warned against it. Colleen dropped her computer! Butch was busy doing his prep for his scheduled colonoscopy.
Friday-  I messaged Mickey to ask her if she had the knowledge and equipment to retrieve files from an injured computer if it was at all possible. She said "yes" which was music to our, meaning Colleen and I, ears. This is the sort of work Mickey did on her job with the federal government. She is a hardware person whereby I am more of a software person so at times we make a good team.
But I was Butch's driver for his colonoscopy so I could not get involved with the attempt at resuscitation until Butch was back home and sleeping off the remainder of the anesthetic. So here is what greeted me when I went to Mickey's makeshift computer repair shop.
This picture reflects pretty much what Colleen was thinking. She had stumbled into Nerdville and Geek street neither are places she has any liking for.

But in this shot they both are busy looking for solutions and hoping.
Mickey and I consider this kind of thing fun where Colleen says,"I want to go have fun somewhere else, like my backyard pulling weeds."
On Mickey's counter are 5 computers of various kinds, 3 smartphones and an external hard drive. None of the computers are mine. Yes, that is a screwdriver in Mickey's hands. We had tried all of the antibiotics and it was now time for surgery. At this writing it was partially successful. Some files were recovered, unfortunately not the 3 most critical ones. Last I knew it was still an ongoing process. Stay tuned for further developments.
Next entry will be all about Saturday...

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