Tuesday, September 30

Knee Deep

Colleen's computer crash has effected our lives. At least Mickey's, mine and a guy named David. The old computer has now been turned over to David, who may know more than we do,  to see if he can retrieve a very important file that Colleen had 95% percent completed at the time of the crash. In the meantime Colleen and I are working on alternative solutions for the future to insure this does not happen again.
This whole thing is more exciting than a mystery novel, at least to all but Colleen. She hopes she never sees this kind of fun again in this lifetime.
For me it is a challenge to see if I can configure the Chrome operating system to satisfy an editor. I will let you know when and if I am able to so. But I am learning many valuable things along the way.

When faced with a new way of doing things people will take different paths. I am pretty much a rat terrier in that I hate to let it go until I know it is dead or at least a dead end. This morning I decided to sit with this chromebook and not revert to the path I know best to get things done and you can bet I have met with more than a few obstacles. One of which is posting pictures on the blog. My old method on my big old laptop is so easy I could do it in my sleep. And it would be easy to fire it up and go that way. But what fun would that be, I ask? I have discovered about a half dozen ways to accomplish the picture issue of course and you will notice I did get it done but I want the quickest and easiest way. I am close.
I will stick with this until it becomes habit. That is the only way I will know it is securely wrapped with shrink wrap and stored away in a corner of my mind for quick and easy retrieval. So now for a nap...my brain is taxed.

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Sights Unseen said...

When a computer goes down it can be so frustrating! I find comfort in the familiarity (I think we all do), so learning a new way of doing things can add to the frustration.

But doing something new can be exciting and a way to wake up the brain! At least I keep telling myself that haha!