Sunday, September 28

Trestle Trail Bridge Ride

Last week Sherri and I planned a High Trestle Bridge Trail ride but the wind held us back so we planned a ride for yesterday and here are my photos. I will post Sherri's contribution when she finds time to send them my way. We started at the Woodward Iowa trailhead and made our way to Slater Iowa and back for a trip of 25.3 miles. It is a gorgeous trip and very popular. The trail was one of the most crowded I have been on. Sherri and I rode single file for most of it. I think a weekday would be a better choice if that is an option for you. 
We met up with the guys in Boone at Jason and Laura's place. They had opted for golf instead of biking and Randy shot a one over par! He was pleased and Butch was impressed! After meeting up with the guys we attended a going-away celebration for Mike Morlan and his girlfriend Mia. Mike is  Laura's son and he is moving to Naples Florida. Mike is an emergency management associate with the city of Naples.

We decided to see if we could talk the guys into going back to the trail for the spectacular night viewing and they agreed! It is about 3/4 of a mile walk from the nearest parking area to the bridge. The nearest parking spot is on the Madrid Iowa side of the trestle bridge on QF lane. It is a dead end lane off of highway 210 and not all that easy to find. There are porta potties and parking. It would be much easier to find if you could do the finding part in daylight and return later for the night time experience.What I did not know is that not all of the bridge is lit! It would be truly spectacular if it was and I would like to see it that way sometime. As it is, a big section of it is not lit and the lighted section was at least another 1/4 to half mile further.
 Night walking in the Iowa countryside is a different experience and a strange one to encounter. Our ancestors would be puzzled that I would say that but how long has it been since you were away from city/town lights and walking through mostly darkness. It feels a bit disorienting at times. In our modern era it may be something many people have never done.
There were also many couples on the bridge. It would be a very romantic thing for a couple to do

It would be a neat experience for a family outing. We did see many families and I am sure it sparks questions from the youngsters. Walking along as a family in the dark has to be a different experience for both parents and children. 

Bridge entrance from the west.

Looking at a bridge on highway 210 from the trestle bridge.

The picture below is not one of mine. It was taken and enhanced by Jolene Dozier Oyer , a classmate of mine. The Jefferson  class of '61 contained a plethora of talented people. This is one of the finest pictures I have ever seen of the High Trestle Bridge.

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