Tuesday, September 30

And on Monday we...

Our friends Bill and Bev Gunderson drove from Atlantic Iowa to get caught up with what is happening in our respective lives. We first met Bill and Bev at the golf course in Atlantic and paired up with them many times in tournaments and also in regular everyday play. The first year we met them we invited them to join us for square dance lessons and they agreed. This added another layer to our friendship and made our friendship a year round one. We have enjoyed their friendship for many years and yesterday was no exception.
We toured the town, made an appointment for the belltower and then went to Paton Iowa and the 209 Main restaurant for lunch. One of my lifelong friends, Jean Bartley's (maiden name) daughter waited on us. Jean died very young but many of my childhood memories include Jean so it was a pleasant surprise to see her daughter Penny.
After a very delicious meal we returned to Jefferson and the Belltower.

                                  Bill, Bev, Barb and Butch
And then we got half goofy!

 Views from the tower...Looking northeast

Looking south

And these are a couple of people hanging out in the backroom at 209 Main
in Paton waiting for their big day!

And after lunch and the tower we came back to the "new room" at our house to play Bridge. Oh yes, I forgot to mention we also were in the same Bridge Club for many years. The guys beat us but only slightly. It was a fun day.

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