Monday, August 2

Monday Mourning

Moodiness mixed with raindrops,
Makes for a soup that is blue.
I need a walk in the sunshine,
And find something productive to do.

I have found myself to be fractured and distracted today. We need to get some work done but it is outside work and we are having a rainy day here in northeast Michigan.
I broke Butch's chair yesterday. It was on its way to being broke anyway, I just finished it off. I was cleaning it and it needed it. I forgot about its delicate condition and jerked it around and whoops- broken. He can no longer recline. Angel is not going to like this. So then as always happens he decides he is going to fix it. Butch's mind is locked in the 50's where you could go downtown to the hardware store or blacksmith shop and find parts for anything that had parts. So far, no luck. We have contacted the chair manufacturer (Flexsteel) by email and we will see what that brings. Our hopes are none too high. So for you women whose men are none too handy- at times it is not all it is cracked up to be. A quest for something unattainable is not pretty to watch.
I mailed off two bracelets today or rather Butch did while he was off on his quest for parts. These two are going to Missouri. I counted up the other day and I think I have done 7 so far. They are fun to do because they are finished quickly and then off to the next idea. Also they are easier to do in warm weather than an afghan and we are always in warm weather or at least we try to be. I still plan to do Swedish weaving.

Howard's birthday party was Saturday night.
                                                          Anti-Monkey Butt Powder???
 Some Depends now that he is older and a modified golf club  for those really tough shots where it is hard to stand up.

The workamping group has decided to return to our social gathering on Sunday evening as we had such fun at Howard's birthday party. His lovely wife Linda planned it with all his favorite food. Lasagna and Cake- A special cake!
Maybe I can get the very difficult but really scrumptious birthday cake recipe from Linda.

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