Thursday, August 5

Catch up...

Fellow workamper Linda and I worked on the villas and suites yesterday to help housekeeping due to an overload of  people checking in and out and a shortage of housekeeping help. We stripped and made up beds and also restocked towels. I am not used to working that hard and I cannot say I like it at all. I think Linda and I agree on that.
I came home, showered, napped and then we played in couples golf. I felt like I wasn't much good to anybody and I was just excess golfing baggage. But then we came to hole number 3 and I step onto the tee box with a 7 wood in my hand and Butch says,"Wait! This hole is farther than you think and you better use your 5 wood." I said, "If I hit it as I should and hit it well I will  be way over." He said, "Okay, but remember what I said." I used my 7 wood and I was on the green 5 feet past the pin. It happened to be a hole with a flag for closest to the pin for women. Not only was I closest to the pin, I then made the putt for a birdie. It was the highlight of my evening.
This morning we beading women met in the Barn for a beading session.We learned a new bracelet this morning(Sidewinder) and I had someone in mind as I was doing it but that someone shall remain nameless for now. It is a pretty thing. I will show it to you when it is complete.
And now for an update on the Kindle. Butch has become an avid reader! This is a total and complete surprise to me. Yes, in the last year or two he has read far more books than the previous 60 years of his life but I had no idea that when we got the Kindle he would go completely nutso! I bought 4 or 5 books when I bought the kindle thinking they would last awhile. He has swallowed them all up and is in need for more. I think I will slow him down by making him do his own shopping. It will be either a blessing or a curse. Just like the Kindle!

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