Thursday, August 19

Touring Northeast Michigan

We took Bill & Kay on a bit of a tour first stopping at Fletcher's Pond.

Then we moseyed on to Alpena and stopped at Dollar Tree for some Maple Leaf Creme Cookies.

 Dollar Tree is the only place that has them and we have refrained from stopping there every time we go to Alpena until yesterday. Butch was driving. After filling the car with the aroma of maple we did a short tour of Alpena and then moved up the road to Rogers City and the 40 Mile Point Lighthouse.

Following a pleasant visit at the lighthouse we found our way back to Hillman and played cribbage for a good share of the afternoon and evening. Bill had received a really bad haircut a couple of months ago and the "edges" had reached a point where they needed attention but the top was fine so Butch took out his clippers and trimmed Bill up around the edges. He did a pretty fair job considering both of them had enjoyed more than a little margarita.

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