Wednesday, August 18

Cold Front

Yesterday was a busy day with surprises. I was expecting our friends the Stilsons  on Wednesday but they came yesterday afternoon and what a pleasant surprise. We have had a great time with lots of laughs since they arrived. We have showed them around Thunder Bay Resort by car and golf cart. A cold front went through yesterday afternoon and we dang near froze to death on those golf carts. We made it a quick tour for sure. We enjoyed pizza at the grill and then went into Hillman for ice cream at the Lickety Split.
This morning Butch is playing his usual golf at Bill and Kay's insistence and then we are going into Jaques restaurant in Hillman for omelets. Kay loves omelets and at this particular restaurant not only do they have good omelets they also have homemade wheat bread. So more fun plans for the day.
Kay is objecting to picture taking but I think it is a good one of all.
I have neglected to tell you of Butch's bracelet making. It is the bracelet that hurts my wrist to make. Unfortunately he says it strains his eyes. Age takes its toll. Take care of your body, you never know how long you'll need it and it is doggone frustrating to have it give you trouble. I tell this to all the young ones knowing full well it is either too late or falling on deaf ears. Smileycons!
It is Butch's bracelet. I started it and finished it for him. He did the middle.

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