Saturday, August 21


Last night it started to rain and we had flashes of lightning and rumbling thunder. Butch started grumbling about mowing greens in the rain...again! I said do not cry before you are hurt thinking it surely could not last all night. Well it did. The sun is starting to peek out now but from 6 to 9, the green mowing time, it was pretty rainy...and he has a sore throat with continual sinus drainage. Chewed him out for not using the netipot. He is now using it so we will see if he caught it in time.
Found a website about our hometown all done on a humorous note. It has been around since 2007 so not exactly new. I could tell right off the local hierarchy was not in charge of it because they were being lampooned.  The website takes some maneuvering but very interesting in many places. Check out the archives. I got stuck on the "Who lives here" section where there are several pages of house pictures and who used to live there and who lives there now. Probably not of much interest to anyone but Jeffersonians past and present.
I am reading Sunday's Child by Tom Lewis and Butch finished The Help by Kathryn Stockette. Butch was in need of more reading material so I started looking on the kindle and found a bunch of free ones. Most of them were by first time authors, perhaps the reason they were free. I will let you know if they were worth downloading. There is a kindle for PC version that you can download for your computer and it is free. It works very much like the Kindle I have and can take with me anywhere. If you have any questions about that feel free to ask me or go to and do a search for kindle. They will tell you about Kindle for PC.Smileycons!

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