Sunday, August 15

The morning after...

The entertainment in The Barn last night was great. Michael Lee Seiler We have been fortunate this summer to see some very talented performers and right in our own backyard so to speak. Unfortunately they have not had the crowds that they deserve. Anyway, we enjoyed Michaels performance.
We also enjoyed Hillman's fireworks last night and right from our dining room window. It was in connection with their V-J Day celebration. We didn't make it downtown for the parade or any of the "festivities". I wish they would change the theme of their celebration to Patriot Days or something else less specific but then we will be rolling our wheels down the highway in about 7 weeks. They are most likely the last town or village in the country celebrating V-J days.
Butch is doing the green mowing thing again this am and he stopped by to tell me I may have to come pick him up at the maintenance shed. He had a break down this morning and had to replace a pin. Don't worry, I do not have a clue either. All I know is that it will delay him getting finished and he will be holding up golfers from their dedicated pursuit of...hard to find the right word here so we will skip over it!
I am on break from handwork and it has been a surprise to me how much I miss it, both Swedish weaving and bead weaving. I must get the wrist healed up as much as possible before attempting it again. Tried it a bit too soon and have suffered a relapse of the wrist injury. Once again it is getting better.
We have a social outing with many of the fellow workampers this afternoon. That has been a rarity this summer and we are looking forward to a good time. I will take my camera.

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