Saturday, July 10

Wiggling Watermelon

Butch and I made our weekly run to Alpena Thursday and as we pulled into the Walmart parking lot there were the usual produce vendors hawking their wares. Traverse City cherries and watermelon. Butch said, "Look Barb, that guy is wiggling his watermelon at you." He was!  For some reason that really tickled my funny bone. Still does. I can still see him standing there wiggling his watermelon in my direction.Smileycons!

I have learned a new to me technique for making jewelry. Now I am not much for wearing jewelry. I just never think to adorn myself. But I am having great fun making it. I am now working on my third bracelet. This picture is the first bracelet I made and it is only partially done in this view. When I finish this third one I will take a picture of all three and post them.
It has cooled down this morning. Only in the 50's. Butch is out mowing greens. I have had computer work to catch up on.
We were confronted with renewing our workamper subscription the other day and I thought of passing it by but then I asked Butch about it. After all it is fun to see what is available even if you do not want to take the positions. His reaction surprised me a bit. He said, "Well it has provided us with some good adventures." That it has. So we renewed. Workamper News

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