Sunday, July 11

Bracelets and other stuff

These are the three bracelets I have finished thus far. The green and gold one belongs to Laura Brooker. Going in the mail on Monday.  My bead order should be arriving  Monday and then I can really take off making bracelets. Right now I am on borrowed beads.

Butch is doing his Sunday mowing of greens. His mower broke down so he had to wait for Ted to finish his side so he could use the other greens mower. Oh the troubles we have!
Friends from Magnolia Park, Tuffy and Char Wolfrom will be arriving today for a fishing expedition and a visit. Michigan is home for many of Magnolias people. Problem is the part of the state we happen to be in is the part less traveled. So Hey!, Michiganders from about becoming better acquainted with the lesser known parts of your state and dropping in on us for a visit. Hillman Michigan...Northeast part...not far from Alpena. See you soon?

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