Thursday, July 8

Hurry, Hurry

These kinds of days are few and far between for me...Thank goodness. I didn't get any blogging done yesterday so I am feeling the pressure. Butch and I took on a more regular job of keeping the outside areas around the villas, suites and chalets cleaned. And until we establish a routine and get the first run through done it will take a bit more time than it will later on. At least I think that is the way it will work.
Butch played in the senior men's league yesterday AM and I cleaned the MoHo. Then we worked on our new job and then we played in couples golf. So for all you who wonder, Butch does get a bunch of golf in. He is playing now as a matter of the rain.
Do we get anything else done? Not yet. But keep checking in. I haven't pushed very hard yet but I will.

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