Sunday, July 2

Walking Day

Today Keri and I walked the usual 2 miles we do on the trail. Lots of runners today and that is a bit unusual. No incidents to report. I like to mix up the exercise routine. We both weathered yesterday's 15.5 miles with no after effects. Amazing how much we can do if we just get out there and do it.

Jefferson is in a slot. The past few years I have noticed that when they say it is going to rain or storm, it can seem like we are right in line for it. But when it gets here it goes around us. It is the strangest thing. They will get it in Carroll, west of us, and Boone, east of us but not here. You can watch it on radar even. It will look like we are getting it for sure but then don't. We do get a shower or two on occasion but not nearly what those around us get. Weird!

I had a blood draw this past week. I had been feeling like my blood sugar was out of whack and so I expected the news that I was going to have to straighten up and fly right. I started behaving myself right away and I started feeling better right away, more energetic and normal. You can not straighten up for two days and get good readings. I know that. My blood sugar was 122 and my A1C was 5.8! What the heck!!! I guess I am going to be obliged to behave myself all the time! Especially if I want to feel good and I do. It is a plan.

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