Tuesday, July 4

Primordial Churches of the Trail

Keri and I walked on Sunday so that meant Monday was a riding day. I have felt so much better since paying attention to my diet and my energy level has been high. So I rode to Winkelman's Switch. It is only a bit further than Roger's Road. Roger Conant is the widow of my cousin Sharon and thus I call it Roger's Road because he lives just off the trail.
I took pictures along the way. I have tried for years to get pictures of the "churches along the trail". There are areas where the trees and undergrowth provide a sanctuary. It is quiet except for birdsong, the choir I suppose. Sometimes even the choir is silent. If the bugs are not bad I will sometimes stop and just take it all in, traveling back in time and appreciating the nature around me.
So far the pictures do not live up to the look or the feeling. I'll keep trying.

After arriving at Winkelman's switch I took a few more photos.

Dickcissel song.

Other household news:
Butch and I bought our kitchen table at an auction and it came with one small leaf and 4 mismatched wooden chairs. When we had company recently we thought it would be nice to be able to seat more people around it. It pulls out quite far. Butch was sure it would accommodate two more leaves. And since the Missouri kids are coming this week we decided it would be a good time to increase our table size. Butch got right on the project and manufactured a couple of nice wide leaves. Yesterday I stained and polyurethaned them and today we will be able to see the results of our labor. A picture will be available soon.

While working on projects it is amazing how one will turn into more. My "desk" made from an ironing board needed some new floor protector tips and in so doing the ironing board became stuck. It was a major bummer. So after looking it over, we decided to make a shelf desk instead and it too will be finalized today. I painted the shelf and polyurethaned it as well. Butch will be able to get it together as soon as it is dry enough.

Happy 4th everyone! And as my brother-in-law Don Brooker said,  “if you want to come 4th on the 5th, don’t drink a 5th on the 4th”.

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