Wednesday, July 5

4th of July

Other than a mix-up on invites and wishing we could be in two places at once we had a great 4th. We partied with the McQuillens and friends. The casino and the city of Jefferson joined forces for the fireworks show and that too is a mixed blessing. In years past we would carry our lawn chairs the 3 blocks to the bike trail and watch the fireworks at the fairgrounds but now it is at the casino and that involves an automobile! So I had the bright idea of going to the Catholic cemetery and so did everybody else! We ended up in Leo's driveway and then getting home was an ordeal.

Last nights pics: L to R-Jack L., Larry J., Jack H.

L to R-Pat Rusnak, Sue Lucht, Denise Van, Mickey Starr

 Our hosts Sharon and Dugan McQuillen

Pauline Bortz and Bill Allen

The star attraction! Greatgrandson of Dugan and Sharon- Camdy

Today's Trail pics- Catbird


Early morning light filtering
 Dewy grasses

Latest projects at our house. New shelf desk. Swapped out the ironing board desk.

Enlarged the table by 2 leaves! We can now set the table for 10 people!

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