Saturday, July 1

Ride to Cooper 15.5 miles roundtrip

Keri and I started out at 6:30 AM this morning and rode to Cooper and back. She probably does not want me to relate this story but on the way back as we're approaching the trestle bridge, Keri was distracted and ran off the trail. Hey, it happens on occasion. The problem was where it happened. She stayed upright by hitting the slot between the railing and the trail. Had she missed she would have dropped down to the river hitting many boulders on the way down. It would have undoubtedly involved a 911 call and serious injury. So she made the correct decision and only had a couple of scrapes from the bridge railing but it scared the bejeebers out of both of us.
This picture is one from 2014. But it was the site of the flub this morning. You can imagine where she could have gone.

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