Wednesday, June 14


Butch has the motorhome about half-waxed. He has said, once again, that this is his last time to wax it. I have told him for quite a while now he should hire someone preferably in South Texas to do it. He is certain they will not do it to his satisfaction. I think they will if you hover over them while they do it. Dirty trick I know, but if they want to be paid, it is best to do it right and the first time, don't you think? So anyway, that is in the future. I am guessing he will have it completed by Friday...maybe Saturday.
We had a nice rain the past two days so things are looking refreshed and healthy.

Butch was having a bit of trouble with one of his hearing aids so we went to Carroll this morning. They sent it in for repair and gave him a loaner. It is under warranty so that worked out fine. Rained most of the way over and part of the way back.

Plenty of squirrels still around despite being foiled from the hanging feeder.

Butch waxing...

Jigs is being resuscitated. It has been decided to meet at the same time, same place for the months of April, June, August, and October. No reminders or calls. If you can make it that is good and if not perhaps the next time it will work. We had a good time getting caught up on many things.

 A dove has decided to join the Brooker Bird Buffet.

Butch is still waxing... and waxing.

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