Sunday, June 11

Bell Tower Festival

Saturday is the big day for the festival. So we asked Jason and Laura to come over and we would treat them to breakfast at the Firehall. They surprised us by bringing Laura's son Mike with them! We haven't seen Mike for quite some time.
Then we joined Mickey and her family for the parade. Took many pictures.
 Mickeys kids rode the few blocks to Russell Park from Mickey's house in the back of a pick-up. Then we settled in for the parade. Butch, Jason, Laura and Mike.
 Part of Mickey's family
 More of them

 Butch's classmate, Rick Morain and his wife Kathy

 My classmate, Keith Conroy

 My classmate, Donna Lawson, Greene County Iowa Treasurer

Mickey's daughter Dena talking to her granddaughter Britany. Britany is holding Peanut.

 Glidden scaled down an old school bus. Cool, huh?

 My classmate, John Hamilton

Mickey and her children... Brent, Dena, Mickey and Niki

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