Monday, June 12

Conversation wwith ya'all

Yesterday Keri and I walked across town instead of on the bike trail because there was a biking event in connection with Bell Tower and we thought the trail might be crowded with bikers headed back to DesMoines. It has been very hot the last several days so we were out and walking at 6:30 am and it was 74 degrees. It was pleasant with a nice breeze so it was all good.

This morning when I hit the floor the outside temp was 76 degrees. For 5:30 am that is downright scary! I decided to ride instead of walk and was out the door at 6:10 am. I took my phone for emergency's and my camera for fun. I saw a cardinal, indigo bunting, very tiny baby rabbit and a turkey buzzard all in the first mile and a half. It was such fun to ride I decided to stop for picture taking on the return trip. I rode past the big bridge for a bit before turning around and when I did I was greeted quite warmly by the mosquito breakfast committee and I was the main course. I had not thought to wear protection and picture taking quickly left my mind. So I am adding some photos on today's post but none were taken on the trail. Maybe next time.

 Cardinal and house finch sharing breakfast. He says, "I have my eye on you!"

 The squirrels seem to have given up on the feeder in the tree. You can never count them out completely. Butch has relented and fills the ground feeder despite the fact they are piggy about it.

When I returned from the bike ride  I decided to make some Banana Pancakes. I have had the recipe for awhile, having gleaned it from Facebook.

Banana Pancakes
2 bananas-mashed
2 eggs
1/2 c. oatmeal
1 tsp vanilla
1 tsp cinnamon
dash of salt

Mix together all ingredients and cook as you would regular pancakes. After having made them, I think next time I will blend the ingredients and let it sit a few minutes before cooking.

They were tasty and I would make them again. A good way to use excess bananas

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