Saturday, June 17

Butch is waxing-Barb is biking

Keri, Karla and I biked to Cooper today. A total of 15.5 miles. It was the first time I tackled that distance this year or last. I think it was the first for a long time for Keri too. And it was the first time ever for Karla and that distance and on her birthday too! It had been on her bucket list for a while. I always enjoy a first-time rider of a distance finding out it is very doable and not at all daunting. 15 miles sounds like a lot to someone who has never done it. We had a good day for it. Overcast and cooler than it has been for over a week. When we first started out I spotted a fawn in the schoolyard and stopped to take its picture.  We know that seeing a fawn by itself is not unusual as mom will leave her babe somewhere and it will stay there till she returns.
The first one is a close-up and the second is to give perspective on where it was.

 Butch stayed home and kept working on the wax job. He hopes to finish today but took time out to golf with Jason this afternoon.
To back up a bit, yesterday was Butch's last doctor appointment for his hand and all is well. Then we made it a Costco day and Karla and Devon went with us. I had not been there for quite a while so it was a high dollar catch-up day. Karla and Devon were getting a kick out of Butch because he would wander off and then come back with stuff for the cart, like popcorn, then a pair of shoes, then a pair of jeans. Butch likes Costco too.
I do have to share a fun story. Devon and his friend Ezra have been making youtube video's and he lets me see them. In his last one, his friend Ezra says,"He's out faster than a fat kid at a dodgeball game!" For some reason that tickled my funnybone.
I saw this video and this little girl really impresses me! Enjoy!

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