Saturday, November 22


It seems to take me longer and longer to get settled into a different routine. You may have noticed! The hours of the day seem short. Meals to fix, laundry to do and all the other ordinary stuff and all that gets set aside for the things I like to do until the time comes when it can no longer be ignored. I wonder when that will happen!
My walks have become a priority. Peggy, Lil and I walk every evening at 6:00 and the time flies. It only takes 20 minutes so it is not a big sacrifice and it is good for us. There are quite a few people in the park who walk with regularity.
I  get my first mile in with Butch or alone depending. This morning he played shuffleboard so I was on my own on the first one. Irma hollered at me to tell me she had found a dress-up dress at Ropa for Elise. It is beautiful! It looks like a miniature bridal dress. So part of today was spent getting it washed and ready to send. This dress even has a train. The train could be used for a veil if she prefers. It is really the perfect dress for play. I removed the bows for washing and the train is not attached so this is even fancier than it is in the picture-lots of ruffles and lace.

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