Tuesday, November 18

Laughing with old friends

Peggy, Kay and I got together this afternoon. It feels so good to be back here with these two who make me laugh.
Kay was telling us that Bill was having some breathing troubles this summer while they were on vacation. She suspected a problem with his pacemaker but when they ruled that out an appointment was made with his regular doctor. Regular doctor asked him if he was taking his water pills. He said, " No because my legs are not swollen."  His doctor told him he had fluid on his lungs and needed the water pills for his lungs not his legs. So the problem has been solved and Kay has revoked Dr. Bill's license for self diagnosis. And that is just one of the things we were chuckling about this afternoon.
I walked with Butch this morning and Lil at 6:00 PM. So that brings me up to speed on the 2 miles a day I did most of the summer with Colleen. It feels good to get the blood moving again.
Years ago when a  friend of ours found out he was diabetic the doctor told him exercise was critical. Even more important than food. I remembered that and when I was diagnosed as pre-diabetic I tried even harder to make exercise a priority and this years blood test no longer indicated I was pre-diabetic. All tests were in normal range. That was very good news to me. So now when a stretch goes by without regular exercise I get antsy to get moving. It feels very reassuring to be back out there beating the pavement.
Weather forecast for tomorrow has a high of 71. That is very much acceptable to us. When the temps are low and it is windy we batten down the hatches by closing all the day/night shades to keep our tiny home as comfy as possible. It keeps some of the cold out. But with  71 for a high I can open all the shades and get back to spying on my neighbors!

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