Monday, November 17

Cold caught us

It is 44 degrees as I write. With 30 MPH winds out of the north. It started cooling down last night and we knew it was coming. A north tailwind may have been okay coming down but the setting up would have been no fun at all. We are to have a few days of this but then back into the 80's on Saturday.
We were off to the grocery store early this morning. I loaded up the cart and thought it was going to be over a 100 dollars but was surprised it was only 67. Good old HEB!
We had been living off short rations while en route. And perhaps too much eating out. We also ate out before we went to the grocery store. Butch had 2 large breakfast taco's with eggs,sausage and cheese and I had one. They come with refried beans. Butch had coffee. The tortillas are homemade, in fact you can watch them being made while you wait for your order. Total for the bill was $7.11 and that is with tax. The living down here is easy and cheap!
Crafts this afternoon at 1:00. I will get to see what people have been working on. Fun!

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Donna said...

where did you eat breakfast? ElRanchito is a great restaurant across from big Lots here in Weslaco, great for a group of 10 or so too!