Sunday, November 16

Arrived at Magnolia Park!

We made it through a small window of weather. Nice day for travel and the trip went smoothly. I asked Butch if he was going to Milano road to get to the park. We like to come at the entrance from the east as it gives a better angle to get in the drive. Usually we turn on Midway but last year the potholes were huge thus the reason for the question but as it turned out there was an ugly accident at the Midway turn and that sealed it to go to Milano. It all worked out. Temp was  79 when we arrived and a bit on the humid side. But tonight north winds have moved in and it is getting colder by the minute. Supposed to be a high of 52 tomorrow. I am beginning to think we cannot get far enough south without encountering the drug cartels of Mexico. So we will endure the temps on this side of the border.
We were met by many of our friends and that is always a treat. We will get around to some sit down visits soon with all of them.
I took Butch by both his hands and looked deeply into his eyes and said I will see you next April. We are both quite busy while here and many times it is Butch in one direction and me in another. It started this evening. We were out on a walk and Pecan Bill had some electric issues and ran us down with his golf cart and took Butch in another direction. Make no mistake about it we both like our life here and wouldn't want it any other way.
This morning when I took the last garbage to the bin and Butch was hooking up I passed by these plants with their diamond like drops of precip and took a quick pic.

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