Monday, September 6

Where is the faucet?

It is like someone turned the faucet on and turned down the thermostat. We were going along nicely with warm temps and plenty of sunshine and then September happened and with the turning of the page on the calendar the turning of the weather took place as well. We knew it was going to happen but for some reason it was a bit of a shock. Still is.
Workampers Ted and Jan who were our campground hosts will be leaving tomorrow due to a death in their family. I will miss them. Sure hope we can make connections somewhere down the road. Jan and I are beading buddies,sharing ideas, patterns and websites etc.
I missed my walk yesterday. Mainly because of spending time setting up the new blog for bracelets. That is now done and the maintenance and additions to that will be minimal so now I can move on to my next project. Hmmm cannot pinpoint that right now...
Probably involves SPIDERS!

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