Tuesday, April 18

Home again!

We are always home, north or south and now we sit in our northern home with our southern home parked out back. We arrived here about 1:30 PM yesterday finishing our second audio book about 5 miles from town. Perfect timing. We brought good weather with us and it was a good thing too because today it is raining. It isn't a very wide band so we should resume our sunshine later today.
Here are pictures taken since leaving the Rio Grande Valley.

This is a refinery at Three Rivers, I think. Surely someone will correct me if I'm wrong.
 First try at a moon picture- I need to keep working on that.

 Sunrise, Sunset can't remember which. It was in Texas. I do remember that!
 Gary was not impressed with my robin picture. They are not a common sight in South Texas. This one is a Missouri bird, Peculiar to be exact.

Our sweet Elise

And Leo is contemplating...

"No, I don't want to sit close to brother."

Finding Easter eggs

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