Wednesday, April 19

From Moho to House

We are in the midst of the big transfer of stuff from the MoHo to the house. The fridge is done. Once we have clothes and groceries transferred we will be done until fall when we reverse the process. It does get easier each time, especially if we slow down and take it in bits. Butch has gone after things like he was killing snakes his entire life so slowing him down can be a challenge. I am on break right now.😉
We have worked in between weather events and now find that we are 90% finished. Tomorrow should wrap up the last of it except for the odd item we might have forgotten. There will always be those

We are so happy to be back with IOWA public television. The difference is remarkable.
The bike trail awaits me and my trail pass has been purchased. ASAP I will be out there with my camera.

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