Sunday, April 16

Our route out of Texas Revised

North Out of Texas-Simplified version
In South Texas get on Hwy 281 north.
Hwy 281 N to I-37 N take (exit 133) and get on I-410 N
I 410N to I 35N
I 35 N to Hwy 46W (exit 190)
Hwy 46 to Hwy 281N
Follow 281 N to a few miles south of Jacksboro TX and hwy 380
Take 380 east to Hwy 51- Turn left (north)
Follow Hwy 51N to Gainesville TX and I 35 N.

The main purpose of these directions is the avoidance of the Austin to Waco section of I 35. If you do it once, especially in an RV you will have a firm understanding of why you need to avoid this section.

This is a corrected route. I take full responsibility for the mistake of the last post. We lived through my mistake in the Spring of 2017. Thus this correction; the route we should have taken and the route I should have posted is listed above. I am crossing my fingers that I didn't really mess anyone up because that was a booger of an ordeal.

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