Sunday, June 25

Fun-Filled Weekend

We did indeed have a fun-filled weekend. First off Mickey asked me if we would have a party if she provided the food and I said "yes" with no hesitation. And I must say it was the easiest party we have ever had. Friday I spruced up the house a bit and readied for a sit-down meal where everyone had a spot at the table. Mickey brought the ham and beans and cornbread. Keri fixed key lime and chocolate pies and we were set. I had so much fun I forgot to take pictures and that frequently happens. Someone once told me when you take pictures at parties it is a way to not participate and I find that to be true. With me, I am having a really good time and forget to take pictures.
On Saturday, Marlene and Bernard came to Leo and Keri's after going to a wedding in Manning Iowa. They planned to spend some time at the casino and then spend the night before returning home. We all ate at the casino and then some stayed to play while some of us did not.😀Keri fixed Sunday morning breakfast. I took some picture of their birds at the feeders.

With no doubt the breakfast was delicious! The birds were liking their meal as well.
We came home and Jason came by. Jason and Laura had been on vacation in the Dubuque area so he filled us in on their trip. Then Butch and Jason decided to play golf and I decided to get caught up on this blog. Now you and I are up to date!

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