Wednesday, February 15

It's a creeping up on me...

I am getting older and slower. Taking care of two blogs has always been a challenge for me and especially this time of year. Thanks to the nudge from my friend Bev G. I am trying to catch you all up on what we are doing these days.

This happens to be one of the busiest of weeks because it is the week the Rio Grande Valley Senior Olympics. Butch is in two events. The pool event was held on Monday and he and partner Dick Cleaveland did not place well. Butch said they had plenty of chances but things did not happen for them. The next event for him will be tomorrow's golf. Butch and Mike Jordan will be playing 18 holes at Los Lagos Golf Course in Edinburg TX.
Two events in one week does not sound bad, does it? But let me fill you in on Butch's schedule. Every day of the week from 6:00PM to 8:00pm and sometimes longer he can be found in the pool hall. Tuesdays are golf day. Wednesday is league pool outside the park in the afternoon. Thursdays are also league pool outside the park.
My schedule is Monday crafts if I feel like it. It is more of a social event for me than a craft event. Friday morning is computer workshop and it takes up my entire morning!  I am running for vice president of the association again. It is the best job of all the offices in my opinion however it will be adding more to my schedule.
I have my new camera and I am loving it. It is a learning curve to be sure and I have never had a camera with so many functions. I also bought a book on it at the suggestion of my friend Deon and it has been essential to my understanding of the camera and how to get full use of it.
Photographer's Guide to the Nikon Coolpix P900: Getting the Most from Nikon's Superzoom Digital Camera by [White, Alexander]
I purchased the kindle version and have been reading it frequently.
Below are 3 pictures taken with the new camera. Below is Fred Rabe, 92. Fred was halfway across Allen Hall from me with lots of people seated between us. Getting this shot was easy.

 This is a picture of Squeak. Squeak and Butch have a special bond.

 Our friend Bill Stilson, otherwise known as Pecan Bill was the Cribbage Champ this season.

I started a new bracelet yesterday. I have sold a few.

Sometimes I like to sit and do nothing.

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