Friday, February 17

Friday rolls around

I am in the computer workshop and not much is happening at the minute so thought I would take a crack at updating.  Butch and I are headed...written Mexico.
So we left the park about 11:30 and we debated driving in versus walking mainly because it is a long walk down to Hectors, probably a mile. But for us walking in is less hassle on many levels. And today we definitely made the right decision. The main street of Progreso was blocked off and we really could not determine why and so we asked a man on the street when we were walking back after visiting Hector. He said, "Nothing really", with a shrug. "They brought in motorcycles." "It isn't amazing." So we made the assumption it was some kind of motorcycle rally.

To back up a bit, Hectors place was very, very busy! For the curious-
Omprazole (prilosec) 360 tabs-$10
Clariton 100 tabs-$4
Diclofenico- 360 tabs-$15
Xarelto 2 boxes of 28 tabs-$66 each
Naproxen(Aleve)-270 tabs-$15
Charlote (for arthritis) 90 tabs-$30
Zyrtec 200tabs-$20

We came back up the street stopping at Jessica's for lunch. Donn and Peggy had told us it was a great place to eat and we have to agree. We ordered Pancho's Tex Mex. They consist of chips covered with refried beans, onions, tomatoes, avacado, chicken and beef with both white and yellow cheese. They were terrific. We also had 2 margaritas, a light coke, and a beer. The bill was $10.50 Oh! I almost forgot we were served a cup of bean soup too! It was also very tasty!

Yesterday's News: Butch and his partner did well in the Olympics yesterday but did not score well.
 I had picked up a pizza from Costco. It was free. I knew that time could be tight for him to get to the pool hall. I also knew he was not going to like the pizza toppings but I really did not have much choice. So I served it on a plate accompanied with tweezers and a fork. He used it all picking off mushrooms and black olives.

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