Saturday, February 4

This is February in South Texas

Butch brought me a cold from the pool hall again. I am not thankful. We are both going to live through a very unpleasant few days.

I purchased a new camera. It is an upgrade to my Fuji and this time I have a Nikon Super Zoom S9000. A friend of mine here in the park has one and I have been very impressed with her pictures. The phone pictures are fine but the quality is lacking. My photography hobby has been life long but in my youth it was outside my budget as film and developing and a quality camera were too costly. Besides that, every time I read anything about camera settings and lenses my eyes would glaze over. If you start firing numbers at me my mind goes into rejection mode.
Here is a link to the camera I purchased. There is a learning curve to this camera but these days there is to everything with the least bit of technology.

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