Thursday, September 22

We did...

Tuesday I put the backsplash in the kitchen. We both like it very much but it is not sticking as well as I would like so the jury is still out on this one. The stuff from lowes was not a problem. We will see...
Wednesday we went to visit the Van Houwelings in Prairie City. They have a countrified high-end resort. I say high-end because they have EVERYTHING but it is in the country and takes a ride over 3 miles of gravel roads to get there. They have a big farm house, a tiny house, a pool house, a pool, a hot tub, a pond and an island! And they are the most gracious and accommodating hosts you could ever ask for. I do not know if they have a moniker for their fine place but it could be dubbed Prairie View Resort. We were very impressed!
We are here!

The tiny house-front

 The deck of the big house. The pool and pool house are behind and to the right of the garage with star.

  The deck and back side of tiny house. Pool house and part of pool is almost visible left of pond.

The backside of big house. Very comfy sitting area - note hot tub on right side.

The pond and island

 The pond side of tiny house

Indy on Myron's lap- I have a better shot of this and will post it later.

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