Sunday, September 4

Ride/ walk

Friday Butch and I walked all over town. We went to Mickey's to drop off some tomatoes and the out to Pete and Jerilyn's and then returned home. I would say it was about 2 1/2 miles. After we came home I had to go get a few groceries and Butch decided to stay home. When I walked into Fareway one of the employees asked me how I got to come alone. I said I took him for a very long walk and wore him out. They chuckled.
Today Keri and I rode out to Roger's road and they are working on the crossing. They have it scoped out to require riders to turn and get a good look at traffic from both directions. Very smart move.

Trail continues on left side of picture but you can see where the actual crossing will be. So they are turning the rider a 180 allowing  a view in both directions.

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