Friday, September 9

What we do...

The answer is not much that is new. On my walk yesterday I took some pictures. I hadn't planned to but the heavy dew made opportunities present themselves at every turn. Then when I came home Butch suggested we start on the backsplash project in the motorhome so that changed my direction. I have taken pictures and will get them on here once the project is completed. It is proceeding very well.

Last night was trivia night. Butch and I have been enjoying it very much. Perhaps me more than Butch but we both enjoy the company and conversation. They were doing quite well until Butch and I joined the group but perhaps I shouldn't point that out! Word has spread and the ones who are coming out for it now are apparently more knowledgeable.

Here is a picture of Leo and Keri's youngest grandchild, Beckett.
Leo and Keri are not going to believe this because it shocked me too but I am fairly certain Butch and I have not met Beckett in person. I have seen many pictures of him and he is cute as a button and always happy.

Here are yesterday's trail pictures.

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