Wednesday, August 31

Butch's carpal tunnel and other stuff

Butch is doing fine after his surgery last Friday. His hand was swollen but not any more than you might expect. His visit yesterday was to see if all was well and it is. He will be getting the stitches out next Tuesday and then he can drive again. I haven't minded driving but I think I do it much better from the passenger seat. That was a joke...
After our doctor trip yesterday we met up with Marlene and Bernard out to Leo and Keri' place. Marlene and Bernard had made their way to Jefferson for multiple reasons. Bernard made Leo a squirrel toy that Leo liked when they made their way to Arkansas to visit Bill and Jo. So they came to install it, see how Butch was doing and Marlene had her eye on the casino. Bernard dropped her off  at the casino before installing the squirrel apparatus.

She left with $400 so she did not do bad for an afternoon's work. We had an early supper at the casino. The food was delicious by the way.

This morning I decided to walk instead of ride because I was suffering from more than usual aches and pains. I like to walk them out if I can. I was semi-successful. On my return, I came across a couple of young girls headed for school. They wanted to walk with me and were quite chatty. The oldest said she likes to help the elderly. I didn't laugh out loud but I knew immediately where I stood with her. They noticed my camera so I asked to take their picture.
 Kayla and Priscilla

 Kayla is in 5th grade and Priss as she told me I could call her, is in kindergarten. They used to live across the street from us but we really didn't get to know each other until a chance encounter on the bike trail.


Two ladies with hats...

That is what I see.

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