Tuesday, December 2

Cleaned house today...

I know that is a big whoop! But I have been meaning to get to it for quite some time now.  I am still walking twice a day; the first time either alone or with Butch and the second one at 6:00 PM with Lil and Peggy. We are all better for it.
I am also in the process of eliminating sugar from my life. No, not all sugar. Still eating fruit. Leaving cookies, cakes and other baked stuff alone. Also potatoes, bread and rice. All things I know do not set well in my body.

It is humid here today and my shower felt  refreshing tonight but the refreshing feeling didn't last long. It is supposed to cool off about midnight. Current temperature tonight (9:13PM) is 71 degrees. Whoo Hoo! The front came early. Nice cool breeze. I am ready believe it or not. Only supposed to last one day so I can take that.

I have been going through old pictures. My goal is to collect old Magnolia pictures for a memory on Mondays. It is time consuming but also fun.

Butch and I in '82

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